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Allister Crossley TEP

Can a Business Jet save money – Yes, and here is how!

Posted by Allister Crossley TEP on 14th March 2017

During the recent "Opportunities in Business Jets Conference" in Malta, #StrataJet demonstrated the ease in which you can search and book a business jet, but how much value can this add to a business? Simple, the value is huge!

Malta is a jurisdiction that is growing and a number of businesses are locating to the island, but what is the true cost of moving a group of executives for a board meeting?

To travel to Malta for that meeting from the Isle of Man would take approximately 48 hours, 4 flights, 2 nights in hotels and 6 meals. What happens if there are 6 people that you need to travel, the costs multiply! If you assign a value to those peoples time of £300.00 per an hour, the time cost is massive! That's 48 hours, at £300.00 per an hour for 6 people, plus flights, hotels etc.

What happens if those six people charter an aircraft and complete the meeting in 1 day! Those 6 people save a day, save money, are fresh, more productive and back with their families on the same day. The price of this is the charter cost and 9 hours of those peoples time, plus they are productive on board, assuming wi-fi!

I've looked at this route purely as an example, and given the increased availability of routes with a business jet, the value keeps growing.

The message doesn't only look at the cost of chartering an aircraft, it looks at the value of those peoples time and their efficiency. The business jet then becomes the cheaper option.

Start searching and comparing all business jets available for charter, there is an App and website for it!

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