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The Private Trust Company (“PTC”)

Posted by on 7th March 2019

The PTC is a company that is specifically formed to act as trustee for a family trust(s) and can be owned by the Settlor, family members or more frequently by a specific Purpose Trust, which is a trust with no...

The Isle of Man as a trust jurisdiction

The Isle of Man as a trust jurisdiction

The Isle of Man, although positioned in the middle of the British Isles, is not actually part of the United Kingdom. It has its own parliament and makes...

Commercial Property Investment via an Isle of Man Company

Posted by on 19th May 2017

The Isle of Man 2006 Act Company (SPV)

Each IOM company (SPV) requires a registered agent which role...

Can a Business Jet save money – Yes, and here is how!

Posted by Allister Crossley TEP on 14th March 2017

During the recent "Opportunities in Business Jets Conference" in Malta, #StrataJet demonstrated the ease in which you can search and book a...