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Eckhard Garbers DIPL-KFM, ACIS, TEP

Ernst Russ Shipbroker - The Powerhouse Shipbroking Company

Posted by Eckhard Garbers DIPL-KFM, ACIS, TEP on 14th May 2013

Peter Döhle Schiffahrts-KG, Ernst Russ GmbH & Co. KG and Stüwe & Co Schiffahrts-GmbH & Co. KG Hamburg are pleased to announce the bundling of their brokerage activities in the company:

GmbH & Co. KG

With effect 1st August 2013.

The purpose of the newly formed company Ernst Russ Shipbroker is to combine the resources of three strong and long established Hamburg basedship broking companies, to form a company with a wide variety of services and expertise in the fields of chartering.

Ernst Russ Shipbroker will be an equal partnership between Peter Döhle & Ernst Russ and Stüwe & Co, formed to become one of the leading ship broking companies in container, multipurpose and dry bulk chartering, offering their customers all-round broking expertise, built on decades of experience of each of the fifty individual staff members, who will be joining the venture from the three partners.

Whilst size does not necessarily matter, the background does! The partners will combine their following business activities in Ernst Russ Shipbroker:

Peter Döhle
Will contribute all their chartering activities for container tonnage up to 1,400 TEU worldwide.

Ernst Russ
Will contribute all their chartering activities for heavy lift/tweendeck/multi purpose tonnage, dry cargo/bulk chartering up to capsize, car-/roro/-reefer chartering as well as the chartering of all Ernst Russ owned tonnage (container – and roro vessels).

Stüwe & Co
Will contribute all their shipbroking activities (mainly container tonnage up to 3,000 TEU worldwide, sale and purchase and dry cargo chartering).

Ernst Russ shipbroker will have their premises in Neumühlen 9 and will be headed by Thomas Daniels, Andreas Honicke, Jan-H Heikes and Kenneth Mahler, all signing as Managing Directors.

With the existing business from the partners, the newly formed company Ernst Russ Shipbroker will be the powerhouse shipbroking company, serving their existing exclusive and close clientele of Owners, Charterers and Brokers worldwide with exclusive and competitive tonnage and requirements in container, multi purpose, drybulk, car/roro and reefer chartering with no limits to the size of Vessel. Sale & Purchase activities are a value added service to their customers.

The joint venture company is born by the idea and the desire of the entrepreneurs to create something new and forward thinking with high standards – for the benefit of their customers, who are entrusting their business into experienced and well supported hands.

The venture is subject to approval of the competition authorities.

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