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Isle of Man Aircraft Registry plans for continued strong growth

Posted by on 6th December 2013

The Isle of Man Aircraft Registry is continuing its strong growth and has just completed the registration of its 650th aircraft since its inception in May 2007. Plans are now in progress to facilitate further growth.

The registry has earned a reputation for offering high regulatory standards with a customer-friendly approach which has attracted praise and compliments from around the world.

In 2012 the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry was voted the best in the world by leading trade publication ‘Corporate Jet Investor’ following a survey of global aviation lawyers.

Minister for Economic Development John Shimmin MHK commented:

‘To start from scratch just over six years ago to becoming widely renowned as the best in the world at the present time shows what an outstanding success the Aircraft Registry has become.

‘The registry provides an excellent example of Government at its best through providing world-leading regulation and highly effective partnerships with the private sector to grow the economy.

‘The team at the registry have worked extremely hard to achieve these high volumes of new business and to maintain world class standards of service to their clients, which in turn helps us all win more business for the Isle of Man. 

‘We are now planning for future growth and have provided a clear and compelling business case in order to secure the resources required to facilitate continued growth as well as ensuring value for money for the taxpayer. '

Hartley Elder, Director of Civil Aviation, explained some of the measures being implemented to help the growth of the register. He commented: ‘Due to these high levels of growth the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry is experiencing very high workloads and so we are taking proactive steps to resolve this situation.

’We are currently advertising for additional technical and administrative staff and we are also making the registration process even more efficient through the implementation of a full online service.

‘These measures will complement the high standards of customer service already offered by the small team of 12 staff and ensure that the Isle of Man continues to be the best in the world for quality and speed of registration.’

As well as managing and administering the ongoing renewals of the constantly growing number of existing aircraft on the register there are an additional two new aircraft per week being added on average.

Recent additions include a VVIP Boeing 757. The staff at the Aircraft Registry worked closely with the team who were preparing the aircraft for more than two years and completed the registration process to perfectly align with the completion of the conversion and refitting work.

The Isle of Man remains an important one-stop shop for global aviation business with many global corporations and high profile individuals having their aircraft assets registered and managed in the Isle of Man.

Commented DCTS Director Paul Swindale: ‘This is very positive news for the Isle of Man in what is an increasing competitive market place. The strength in the numbers coming on to the registry and certainly being backed up by increased pipeline in our own business for new work in the business jet arena, which bodes well for a strong start to 2014.’

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