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Corporate Service Licensing

Licensing and regulation of corporate service providers is by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority.

Corporate service provision on the Isle of Man is regulated by the Financial Services Act 2008, which makes it an offence to provide corporate services without a licence.

This legislation aims to protect anyone engaging the services of a corporate services provider based on the Island by imposing standards of "fitness and properness" and by requiring all corporate service providers to conduct their business to the highest standards.

DCTS holds a licence to carry on the Class 4 regulated activity of Corporate Services which permits the company to:

  • Provide services with respect to the formation, sale, transfer or disposal of companies
  • Provide registered office or accommodation address facilities for a company
  • Act as a ‘registered’ agent
  • Act as an officer of a company
  • Act as a nominee shareholder/member of a company
  • Provide administration services to a company, or;
  • Provide similar services to the above in respect of a partnership.

In addition DCTS is licensed as a Class 5 Trust Service Provider which permits it to operate in or from the Isle of Man (within certain criteria and with specified exclusions) to:

  • Act as trustee in relation to an express trust
  • Provide trust administration services in relation to an express trust
  • Act as a trust corporation
  • Act as a protector in relation to an express trust; or;
  • Act as an enforcer in relation to a purpose trust