Please note, we have recently updated our Privacy Policy

Visitors to our offices

Visitors to our offices


Throughout the various premises of the Döhle Group, there may be CCTV in operation, appropriate signage will be on display.

If CCTV is in operation, a building specific 'Privacy Notice for Visors and Guests' is available from Reception which details any information on the personal data collected, as well as your rights in respect of the data we hold and its retention period.

Visitor records

We require all visitors and guests to our offices to sign in at Reception and we therefore maintain a record of visitors and guests. These records are stored securely and disposed after 3 months.

Guest WIFI

Guest WIFI may be available within our offices. If you chose to connect to our WIFI then please kindly note that we monitor all traffic on the guest WIFI networks using industry standard intrusion detection systems. This allows us to see limited information about your internet behaviours including see the source and destination address you are connecting to and from.

We cannot inspect any encrypted web pages and therefore do not have access to any information (personal or otherwise) that you share via these particular web pages;  as we cannot monitor these sites you are expected to adhere to our internet and social media policy when using our Guest WIFI.

Details of the policy can be obtained from reception upon arrival at the office.