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DCTS Malta

DCTS Malta

DCTS (Malta) Limited was established in 2012 and officially opened its doors of its new office on 16th September 2013. Based in SmartCity, close to the Grand Harbour in Valletta, the office is staffed by experienced personnel well versed in the benefits of Malta as a financial jurisdiction and corporate and fiduciary services.

As a financial centre Malta has earned a reputation as a progressive and well regulated jurisdiction and, following accession to the EU in 2004, adoption of the common Euro currency and joint monetary policies, significantly increased its attractiveness for trade. Even though Malta is “onshore” as a member of the EU, it provides many “offshore” benefits, and our services enable clients to take advantage of these benefits.

Through the years, Malta’s legislators have consistently focused on providing an attractive and efficient tax system in line with EU legislation, drawing the attention of international investors and leading it to become a highly developed international financial centre Despite the recent recession which has affected the entire globe, Malta  kept a sound banking system and has developed strategies which not only have effectively guaranteed the survival of its economy, but have contributed to the solidification of its reputation as a major European legal, financial and corporate services provider.

In addition, Malta also offers an efficient and attractive tax regime - acknowledged to be one of the most beneficial and attractive in the EU.

The Malta office works closely with the Isle of Man business and the group headquarters in Hamburg and provides the following services:

  • Company Formation and Administration

  • Yachting and Shipping Services

  • Aviation Services

  • Accounting Services