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DCTS Malta

Yachting and Shipping Services

Located in a strategic position in the Mediterranean, Malta boasts one of the largest and most prestigious ship registries of the world. With the enactment of the 1973 Merchant Shipping Act the Malta Flag formally attained the status of ‘open’ register. All kinds of sea going vessels, from cruise liners and tankers to superyachts may be registered under the Malta Flag. The Malta Maritime Authority (MMA) is responsible for the management and administration of the Malta Flag.

Registration and management of ships and yachts in Malta can be advantageous for a number of reasons:

    • Low company formation and registration costs
    • Vessel owner may be of any nationality
    • Confidentiality of the beneficial owner of the yacht
    • No restriction on the nationality of the captain, officers and crew members
    • No restriction or taxation on the sale or transfer of shares in a Maltese company owning a registered vessel
    • No restriction or taxation on the sale and mortgaging of a Maltese registered vessel
    • No trading restrictions
    • Preferential treatment in certain ports
    • 0% tax for certain shipping activities satisfying specific criteria
    • Effective tax rate of 5% on non-qualifying shipping activities
    • Various types of vessels can be registered under the Maltese flag from super yachts to vessels still under construction
    • Additional services in Malta include: bunkering, ship supplies, towage services, ship building, ship repair yards, modern facilities for transhipment, a cruise liners hub, international yacht marinas, a very successful Freeport and oil terminal, high level training for officers and a renowned nautical school.

A yacht may be registered under the Maltese Flag via two methods: by appointing a Maltese registered agent or by incorporating a Maltese company and registering the yacht in its name. The yacht owner has a choice of two types of company depending on whether he wishes to disclose his identity or not:

  • An onshore holding company where the owner would appear as a shareholder (and thus would reveal he is the owner)

  • An onshore holding nominee company whereby the owner would appoint nominees to act as shareholders.

For full details please see our brochure on Yacht Registration in Malta which may be downloaded below.

Our Services
In conjunction with our Isle of Man office we provide the following services:

  • Registration of vessel in Malta or other jurisdiction – see our downloadable guide below

  • Creation and management of tax efficient ownership structures

  • Tax and VAT management

  • Assistance with vessel importation and delivery

  • Accountancy and financial services

  • Liaison with maritime authorities and other relevant authorities

  • Yacht leasing and chartering advice – see our downloadable guide below

  • Crew recruitment and financial management

  • Crew contacts and payroll

  • Compliance and technical