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Corporate Services


DCTS can form a company and administer a corporate structure in the Isle of Man or in the most appropriate jurisdiction to suit the individual requirements of a client.

There are many reasons and advantages for using corporate structures, especially those registered in financial centres such as the Isle of Man, can be used, for example, to mitigate taxes, to hold assets and investment portfolios.

Specific uses can be:

  • To own assets such as ships, property and works of art
  • To hold investment portfolios
  • For inheritance planning
  • For tax mitigation and planning
  • To act as an employer for international workers
  • Business structuring and re-structuring
  • To receive international earnings, commissions and royalties
  • To raise money by borrowing
  • As a vehicle to convert immovable assets, such as land, into movable assets, such as shares
  • To hold intellectual property
  • To manage a commercial ship

In addition, by using an offshore international financial centre such as the Isle of Man there are many other advantages, such as:

  • Favourable incorporation and administration costs
  • Less bureaucracy
  • More favourable taxation systems
  • Privacy

Our corporate services include:

  • Register a company and set up of a corporate structure in an appropriate onshore or offshore jurisdiction to meet client requirements, including facilitating the transfer of management of an existing company
  • Provision of registered office
  • Provision of Directors, Secretary and Officers
  • Statutory compliance services required by the respective jurisdiction
  • Appointment of Nominee Shareholders
  • Liaison with banks and financial institutions
  • Provision and maintenance of bank accounts, credit and debit cards. Bank reconciliation and supplier payments
  • Payroll services
  • Day to day funding and expenditure control including monthly financial analysis and management reports
  • Planning and advice in conjunction with specialist advisors on VAT and Tax matters
  • Administration of VAT returns and reclaim, if applicable
  • Filing of annual returns and submission to authorities in the relevant jurisdiction 
  • Completion and submission of annual company tax return in relevant jurisdiction